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CIM technology, computer-aided construction

 (person in charge: engineering works region)
"The Shonai River Taiji bank construction"
I enter into E & D techno design and a co-operation contract with us and enable the utilization of the patent technology of the E & D techno design as WIB method of construction handling agency.

<CIM of the KANI Construction Co.Ltd>

There is the place where the development of "CIM" in the medium and small-sized business (Construction Information Modeling/Managements) complicates the enforcement in time limitation in the small construction and human limitation. Therefore the thing that there was not was a condition, and there was the actual situation that was hard to wrestle without ', the merit for the company CIM if becoming it was in the trouble of `construction spot.
The CIM which I carried out in us analyzes on-site information occurrence and making procedure so that on-site trouble does not have it and builds an adapted CIM model in us.
The characteristic is as follows.
  • Being automatic collection of information, and having accumulated video information from plainness as information. (computer-aided construction)
  • Having pushed forward the use as the intellectual property information that was easy to share the video information that I accumulated in companies. (CIM technology)

<intellectual property of the construction information>

The intellectual properties such as know-how or the results that it should be accumulated in a company are remarkable, and, through the BCP (Business Continuity Planning) training that we carry out continuously, as for the construction results and the know-how depending on the individual, the disappearing actual situation is confirmed in aging (the retirement, change of job) and restructuring (seniority, evaluation system).
In addition, as for the image of the spot situation, there was difference in the experience and knowledge of the engineer between before in the letter information, and I did not necessarily agree between engineers, and, as intellectual property information, there was concern about a difference appearing for how to catch in the technique problem and the risk recognition of the construction spot to assume.
CIM aimed at maintenance of the inflection environment of video and the image information as the intellectual property for the purpose of the being made more common of the space image with individual differences in becoming it.

CIM summary

Three-dimensional geometric model and addition of elements

I let you recognize the size of a characteristic and the risk of the form quantitatively by letting you add a height attribute to three-dimensional shape information.

3D machine guidance (backhoe)

Using three-dimensional design data, I position it by GPS, and the laying earth on the ground forming uses automatic machine guidance undertaking construction

Heavy industrial machine (rolling compaction roller) mounted with GPS

Text data output GPS information and rolling compaction information and they are busy for a database system and inflect
Video real-time at a PC, a mobile terminal
The time-lapse video is stored as a construction record and, with a database system, I search it and read it

Intellectual property accumulation database (information retrieval, general reading)

I take in video, a photograph, GPS information and compile it into a database and read construction information generally and visually
<import of the information>
<information collective reading>
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