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Low-carbon paint

(person in charge: Management and Planning Department)

We and Ito industry and co-operation contract

I enter into Ito industry and a co-operation contract with us and enable the utilization of the patent technology of the Ito industry.

The fine dressing painting

The finish that red Mikage is like fine dressing in shipotekkusunachurarusuton which is the main materials of painting it, and put colors together to various native rocks such as granite-like finish such as tea Mikage-like, the white Mikage-like, sandstone-like finish, Ryukyu limestone-like finish is a possibility.
Because coating is mineral matter system, these have the solid feeling such as the genuine stone, and the texture that a native rock is nearer is provided.
For a construction method, I use kooshioshiso pump (mighty spray yeah).
T1-Wh white Mikage
T1-Bl black granite
T1-LBr weak powdered tea Mikage

Fine dressing painting feel of a material examination

On a sample test of feel of a material and the color consider, and decide material.

I confirm it after the fine dressing painting construction

I undertake construction while confirming the painting quality. I finish it by the painting from the groundwork processing twice.
Construction example (the KANI Construction Co.Ltd Tokyo Office results) of dragon Hanimachi Bijutsukan-dori St. of Roppongi, Minato-ku


In *netsutoso, it inflects as the high reflection coat materials that combined a special infrared reflective material with shipotekkusu of special reaction type mineral matter system coat materials. I can expect an effect to decrease heat absorption factor of asphalt and the concrete, and to relieve heat island effect.
Because specific heat is easy to heat the iron plate small, it is in a high temperature when I receive thermal energy of the sunlight of the summertime directly, and indoor, a large quantity of radiant heat will be released by a roof.
Because shipotekkusukurupesu has the property that it is hard to heat, a temperature difference of about 10-20 degrees Celsius occurs even to quantity of same sunlight in comparison with an iron plate, and outbreak of the radiant heat is controlled.

Repair pavement

Bijutsukan-dori St. (the KANI Construction Co.Ltd Tokyo Office results) of Roppongi, Minato-ku
I realize beautiful pavement in a weatherproof high restorer in the repair of the deteriorating pavement spot
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