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Now holding guided tours of CIM construction sites

Thursday, December 25, 2014 9:45-11:45
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Chubu District maintenance station Shonai River Taiji bank construction
The spot guided visit of computer-aided construction and the CIM which I reached a reserved mountain laboratory of Ritsumeikan University on the site, and KANI Construction Co.Ltd stimulated of the Shonai River Taiji bank construction was held.

The spot guided visit comment

Professor Ritsumeikan University department of science and engineering Kazuyoshi Tateyama

By the repair work of the bank of a river which I observed this time, I introduce computer-aided construction and work on development of the original CIM.
I received the explanation of the system in the guided visit, but evaluate it when this system is practical at the following point, and it is a very superior system.
(1) The point that builds the system which lets computer-aided construction link CIM, and can easily take information of the construction about construction in a PC as a database

(2) The point where I make development possibility of the CIM by leaving the image data by the video camera
 I am doing it with data at the construction that I can use in various forms in the future by photographing the video data which recorded the construction situation in the on-site point, and leaving it. Therefore, I develop structure compressing video data. 

(3) The point that utilizes data effectively
 In the KANI Construction Co.Ltd, I utilize a system of the CIM which I built for employee education.
 The video data of the construction situation can share the problem while confirming a method of the construction, and it is expected in particular what is utilized for technology improvement effectively by an employee.
 When I discuss introduction of computer-aided construction and the CIM, I did not assume a role called the engineer education of the employee, but can say that it is very unique how to use until now.  

(4) The point that builds the practical development system
 When a local construction company performs an approach of the CIM newly, it is difficult to develop it only in the company, and it is necessary to get the cooperation of various types of industry.
 Therefore, a development cost becomes large and cannot but say that it is very difficult to carry it in-house. And, in the KANI Construction Co.Ltd, I get a venture company and a local vendor, the cooperation of the rental not a major company and make full use of free software and realize the construction of the inexpensive, simple system.
It is expected that the labor shortage in the construction sector will worsen in future.
 On the other hand, the need of the construction about infrastructure will increase commencing with maintenance more and more, and there is unreasonableness in carrying it by the current system and must measure the construction of the system new immediately.
 Particularly, it can say that it is an extremely important problem in the infrastructure maintenance in Japan that a local constructor fixes the system.
 This example is introduced as a precedent example and expects that various approaches that were suitable for community and construction with it are pushed forward.
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