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About a copyright

  1. The individual information (letter, photograph, illustration) published in our website becomes a target of the copyright. In addition, I become a target of the copyright as an editing book, and the whole our website is protected together by the Copyright Act of each country and an international treaty, too.
  2. I can reproduce quotation, reproduction by showing the source clearly by the method that is appropriate as an approved act in Copyright Act such as private use or quotation about all or a part of the contents of our website. But it is not this limit when there is a note to "forbid reproduction without permission".
  3. About all or a part of the contents of our website, I cannot modify it without permission.


  1. When I place information in our website, I am absolutely sure about the accuracy of the information, but a technical description and misprint incomplete legally may be included. We do not take any responsibility about all acts that a user performs using information of our website.
  2. Please note that we cannot take responsibility in the damage that is caused by what service by our website stopped by the inevitability such as acts such as maintenance of our website, the natural disaster of fire, blackout and others and the interference of a virus and the third party, and occurred to a user.
  3. The downloading such as browser software or various tools and the installation, please be based on the responsibility of the user. About an obstacle and a trouble to occur on downloading and installation, we do not take the responsibility of compensation for damages and the solution to the problem at all.

About a link

As, as a general rule, the link to our website is free, the notification when I link is unnecessary. But please note that you may ask the case that the intention of the abuse is clear and the cases such as the cases that the contents of the origin of link are against laws and ordinances and public order and morals for the deletion of the link.
Please refrain from displaying our website in a frame to cause misunderstanding.


I change contents without a notice or our website may delete it. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
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