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CSR activity

The Shonai River
(member of Shonai River anti-disaster measures cooperation society)

I work on the maintenance of a road, river facilities

By the Aichi Construction Department including the removal of repair and the falling object of the collapse of the road, the removal of the fallen tree to the useless thing processing in river facilities, the damage processing of the security facilities including the guardrail by the vehicle collision, a road, cooperation with Komaki-shi, I perform emergency response for 24 hours.

I work on a flood and the disaster restoration at the time of the earthquake

When the disasters such as a typhoon or the earthquake occurred or when it might occur, patrol monitoring, emergency for the situation confirmation of the public infrastructure such as a road and a bridge, a bank of a river or erosion control facilities copes. I conclude the Shonai River river office, Aichi, Komaki-shi and a disaster prevention agreement to help the quick restoration activity.

I work on frozen snow measures to prevent a traffic accident

By a snowfall and a temperature drop between the winter season, there is concern about the traffic accident with the slip from the freeze of the road. Our company is urgently dispatched in cooperation with Aichi Construction Department, Komaki-shi regardless of the night and day and wrestles for dispersion, the 24 hours including clearing at the time of the accident of the closed correspondence and cryoprotectant and contributes to local security.

Town planning activity in connection with community

I participate in town planning and community improvement by the collaboration with community and inhabitants and participate in Aichi ground work or Komaki-shi road safety street campaign activity positively.
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