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The BCP training

The risk management person in charge in the company: Management and Planning Department

Disaster action of unexpected ethnography [※ 1]

 By the education about disaster ethnography [※ 1], it is necessary not probabilistic understanding (intelligence) in having common recognition for an employee and the understanding of the disaster actual situation to carry out emotional understanding (sensitivity). Therefore it is demanded that it impresses it with a risk of the reality more than the imagination including the unexpected fear thoroughly to carry out a transmission method of the information to remain in the memory and does it. Because when face a disaster, many people are puzzled, and a head becomes blank, and cannot think about the moment, in the situation is precise; cannot often judge it, and, in the BCP training, there is not a correct answer depending on the disaster situation, with which understand that have a problem (risk) instantly, and carry out training to let judge it which risk is smaller. From noticing to existence of an opinion, the sense of values that the employee is different from oneself by carrying out these training as a company lets you recognize existence of various dilemma [※ 2].
1: It is ethnography:The unexpected phenomenon that is recorded in ethnography.
※2:dilemma (di-lemma): The state that two choices exist for a certain problem, and there are some kind of disadvantages with a choice of both, and cannot decide a manner.

Workshop (experience of the unconscious state not to be able to remember)

Brain and memory structure
 They think by daily life and the theme troubled with is strong in the consciousness for the theme and is memorized in short-term memory because they take the consistently information, and reactions for the theme usually improve necessarily.
In the psychology of Freud, I classify the classifications of the human heart in consciousness, preconsciousness, three of the unconsciousness and I cannot readily remember information in the short-term memory to be able to easily remember with consciousness, but I define the information in the depths long-term memory that preconsciousness, the unconsciousness cannot remember the information in the long-term memory to be able to remember when time passes by oneself as unconsciousness, and how much consciousness works about the disaster correspondence in the workshop or lets you experience that the scale of the risk changes by the degree.

BCP development

 I let you let you recognize importance of the preinclination through a workshop in an emergency experience and examine development of BCP.

BCP development checkpoint (reference: the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency BCP development operation guideline)

Concrete content
I maintain company's management
(disaster chain of command)
①I clarify a setup, a chain of command of the antidisaster headquarter
②Organized course of action soon after the damage
I keep security of the human life (employee, customer)
(safety confirmation action of an employee, the family)
①Course of action that is going to work during a business trip during going out
②Safety confirmation method of a damaged employee and the family
Communication based on a) carrying or the network urgent with a landline
I inform you of the message dial for the disaster with b) cell-phone or a public telephone
I keep security of the human life (employee, customer) (lifesaving help)
①The investigation, help action after the damaged confirmation
②Refuge action after the damaged confirmation
I fulfil supply responsibility and keep the trust from a customer (commercial domain maintenance)
①A report action of the situation damaged for a business partner or a banker.
②The conclusion of the emergency correspondence gentlemen's agreement to prevention of commercial domain infringement, a competitor and the cooperation company by the accomplishment of the supply responsibility to a customer
I keep the employment of the employee
(the employment security, life maintenance)
①Dispatch of the message of the business continuation
(financing, salary payment, office establishment)
②Securing of personnel and restoration worker letting important duties continue soon after having suffered (support request including the personnel dispatch to the cooperation company)
I keep vitality of the regional economy
(production base maintenance)
①It is set up backup facilities by community not to suffer from.
(facilities movement to other community for function maintenance of the company)
②The making of base of the damaged medium and small-sized business in an association and the association in connection with administration (setting of a temporary factory and the factory for rent)
I fulfil supply responsibility and keep the trust from a customer (supply chain maintenance)
①Supplier, multiplexing of the delivery route, the means
②Preventive measures against breakdowns in the whole supply chain
I maintain company's management
(quick business resumption, business deployment)
①The presentation of the leader of management ship
(a business resumption plan, an employee and the cooperation system, financing)
②I show the business model corresponding to the environmental change of the stricken area
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