Protecting the community from natural disasters
Creating a future for children
A closely related local company.
Our concept
We took infrastructure maintenance or disaster correspondence of the community as engineering works construction industry in founding more than 60 years, the meantime. As for me, community and inhabitants always think that it is "a company that contributes to society" that builds the company which you can leave in peace "ethical business practices" as Guidelines for Management "the workplace environment with trust and the enthusiasm" while imitating these three "original creativity that adapts to the changing times" management philosophy. I will hope that we recieve special favor and support in one of we will use all of our power in future to become As a company whose craft is built on an understanding of the environment and natural disasters, become a more trustworthy company.
Representative Director: Norio Kani
Our business tackles the environment repair as the general engineering works such as a river or the road of the public works project, seismic strengthening as the community disaster prevention, function maintenance of the infrastructure and infrastructure maintenance including the disaster restoration and global warming measures as construction industry of the community. Particularly, the approaches such as computer-aided construction, the CIM demanded for information-technology age have been evaluated as an advanced construction management technology by the technical cooperation with a university and the company.
CIM technology, computer-aided construction
GPS-based heavy industrial machine/machine guidance/network camera
Intellectual property accumulation database
Foundational seismic dampening technology
WIB method of construction/nondestructive testing
Low-carbon technique
Cooling paint
Environmental pavement technology
ATTAC method of construction
(inundation-related earth-water preservation)
NETIS QS-06005-V method of construction
Let's concentrate our strength to bring happiness to everyone in our company!
I raise At Kani Construction Co. Ltd a new partner. We serve every day as a construction company contributing to since business began, community including the public construction of rivers and roads of the public works project. I look forward to All ages are welcome, application of a person with eagerness and passion.
Kani Construction Co. Ltd
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