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Permeable earth-water preservation type pavement

The TOSE Earthworking method (the permeable earth-water preservation diesinker method)

Various measures are proposed to relax temperature rise of the earth surface of the urban area and outdoor walk characteristics while recent years, the average temperature of Japan gradually rise.
We are doing construction by the The TOSE Earthworking method to relax this severe situation.
It is the result that a human being destroys nature and caused, but wants to regain an even slightly original figure.
The The TOSE Earthworking method combines an additive with soil and changes the soil to the crumb structure and is a method of construction to improve permeability and retention.
As I can regulate the hardness, I can use it from soft sports ground to harder park path widely.

Location Conditions

  1. Construction temperature 4 degrees Celsius or more
  2. The location's ground is relatively firm and steady
  3. The location does not have instances of marshland or water overflow
  4. Constituents of the soil to use as the outer layer are sabulous soil
  5. The improved method of construction is a stirring method of construction, and, on the street, even central mixture is possible.
  6. When as response, viscosity of the special cases use strong soil, I mix sand

Applicable range

  1. The sidewalk outer layer
  2. The promenade (cycling roads) outer layer
  3. Park path top layer
  4. The outer layers such as a park site, the sports ground
 The TOSE Earthworking method (the permeable earth-water preservation diesinker method) NETIS QS-060005-V


  1. Having improved the water permeance function that I changed the special soil improvement to the crumb structure of the three-dimensional halftone plate form in perform, and soil originally had the whole soil without mixing materials (material) having retention and permeability with soil, an earth-water preservation function markedly.
  2. Having enabled that I used it as paving material in special Saturday and improving local soil without using the purchase soil brought from another place.
    In addition, being able to reuse it without disposing soil (the outer layer).
    Because I can change the soil particle (fine grain) included in rubble materials to the crumb structure, The TOSE Earthworking method can use roadbed materials.

Prospective effect

  1. There are few hardness changes of the paving material and reduces outbreak of "the cracking" after the rain by the use of solidification materials.
  2. If it is soil of the sabulous soil system, the use of the local soil is possible and can reduce load for the environment.
  3. As permeability is high, a puddle and mud after the rain are hard to appear. In addition, the penetration effect of the rainwater under the ground is high, too.
  4. A walker can bring on a refreshing refreshing feel to be effective in lowering the surface temperature in chilling effect by the evaporation heat because there is retention.
  5. There is grass prevention effect and can expect the use as grass-proof materials. Because rubble materials (including crusher run, the recycled crusher run) are available, the width of the materials choice spreads.
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