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Privacy policy (privacy policy)

1. About the acquisition of the personal information

We acquire personal information by legitimate and fair means.

2. The use purpose of the personal information

About the personal information that had you submit it in the case of a service application to offer, I use it for the communication with the customer, and a user and a family use us for the arrangement of the service of the application and the receipt as far as they are necessary. In addition, I perform appropriate supervision to have conducted a fair investigation into the third party concerned when I use personal information between a third party jointly or I entrust a third party with a privacy policy, and to let you maintain a secret. In addition, our company may use the personal information of a user and the family to send the Information of better service, product development and the service offer to a customer.

3. About a third party offer of the personal information

We do not offer personal information to the third party unless we fix it for laws and ordinances without obtaining a user and the family's consent beforehand.

4. About management of the personal information

  • We keep accuracy of the personal information and completely manage this.
  • We take the appropriate information security measures for unauthorized access, the computer virus to prevent loss, destruction, manipulation of the personal information and a leak.
  • We take personal information, and we do not let you leak out by transmitting to the outside.

5. About disclosure, a correction, suspension, removal of the personal information

When a user and a family confirm that I have a right to demand disclosure, a correction, suspension, removal about personal information of the self, and there are these demands, we cope immediately without demur. In addition, I would appreciate your contacting us if you give advice about our privacy policy and have a question.

6. Organization, the system

  • We appoint a personal information protection manager and carry out appropriate management of the personal information.
  • We carry out the training about protection of the personal information and an appropriate management method for an officer and an employee and carry out the appropriate handling of the personal information to be granted to normal business routine thoroughly.

7. Development, enforcement, maintenance, improvement of the personal information protection compliance program

We devise [personal information protection manual] to carry out this policy and common knowledge enforces this on our meeting employee or other people concerned and carries it out and maintains it and improves it continuously.
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The use of Cookie and the Web beacon

I use a technique such as "Cookie" and "Web beacon" to acquire access information of user in our site. Each information that I acquired by these cannot identify an individual.
In addition, a part of the function providing in a Web site may not be available when you use our site by setting not to display setting and the image which do not accept Cookie in the browser of the errand.

About the use of Google hole reThich

In our site, I may use Google hole reThich. Google hole reThich collects the access information to our site using Cookie. About collection and the usage of the access information, it is determined by Google hole reThich service Terms of Use and Google privacy policy.
Please refer to the following pages for the details.
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