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Company Overview

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About Kani Construction Co. Ltd

Company Motto

"Mutual Spirit, Individual Progress"

Guidelines for Management

I always hide it in a heart as Guidelines for Management.
①Ethical business practices.
I keep the morals as the person and think that each other's work is established in fulfiling given responsibility.
②The workplace environment with trust and the enthusiasm.
In response to the trust of community and inhabitants, I think with an employee becoming the one, and mutual thoughts realizing the making of workplace environment that can collaborate with mutual trust and passion for realization of the quality to be satisfied with to the maximum.
③Original creativity that adapts to the changing times.
I think about any problem with planning improvement of effectiveness and the earning capacity of the construction and reinforcement of the financial standing by the intention of the company letting the thought of the inventive idea of each employee and the thought continue.


Representative Director
The Kani Construction Co. Ltd carries out the restoration construction to a community disaster with the public construction of rivers and roads of the public works project as construction industry of the community since the formation in 1950 and is the company which grew up while meeting a request of the community.
I take on the challenge of CIM, computer-aided construction demanded for information-technology age and begin to wrestle by decorative paint and dirt and gravel paving construction work as the heat island technology of the global environment era again now.
As for the CIM in particular, the attempt to accumulate intellectual property by an approach and the video to traceability to be necessary for maintenance of the infrastructure formation which the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism pushes forward is evaluated as an approach that I lead the other companies. I have begun to wrestle by the technical succession to ensure our business continuation more in employee group.
In addition, I am thinking that "to protect the community" to be one of the important missions in the company activity as one member of the regional community. Primarily our company wrestles for the construction of the construction management system with the environment idea which does not exhaust the useless waste which does not use waste products, energy thoroughly, and they will carry out a social responsibility in "To create safe public facilities to the necessary level of quality" as construction industry.
I will hope that I have more patronage to us and support in future.
Representative Director: Norio Kani


Company Overview

General construction industry
Governor of Aichi permission (* -28) No. 73467
Company name
Kani Construction Co. Ltd
Representative Director
Norio Kani
Board member
Junko Kani
Board member
Yoshinari Ochiai
The location
<the head office>
〒485-0041 5-711, Komaki, Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL 0568-77-5355 FAX 0568-75-0668
<Tokyo Office>
〒165-0026 1-1-5, Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5942-4095 FAX 03-5942-4096
Kani firm November 1, 1950
Kani Construction Co. Ltd January 7, 1963
38 million yen (as of December, 2014)
Major bank
The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Komaki branch
The Aichi Bank Komaki branch
Chukyo Bank Head Office
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