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2014/12/26 central part
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= photograph which held guided visit of the CIM (Construction Information Modeling) which the KANI Construction Co.Ltd (Komaki-shi, President Norio Kani) was 25th, the Shonai River Taiji bank construction of the Chubu District maintenance station Shonai River river office ordering, and the company worked on.
Kazuyoshi Tateyama, professor of Ritsumeikan University department of science and engineering which was the first person of computer-aided construction and the CIM study, a Yuji Kawasaki community disaster prevention adjustment official of the Shonai River river office participated in guided visit.
The personal construction results and know-how begin to flow while computerization, efficiency of the construction industry advances. There are not many examples to work on in the CIM by the small construction, but the company gathers the intellectual property of a company and the engineer by the visualization by the on-site video record and accumulates and wants to make use for business continuation.
Kani, president, in "〝 Kani CIM 〟, a way is still in the middle. I say, I want to evolve it more in the future spot.

Tateyama, professor it "is useful for on-site maintenance to record on-site video and data. I generalized it saying the significance that a small and medium size constructor worked on is big.
The CIM introduces three-dimensional model from a plan, an investigation, a design stage, and cooperation develops it at the stage of construction and the maintenance and the person concerned of the business shares information and can expect shortening, cost reduction for efficiency and the term of works of the engineering works spot. MLIT begins a full-scale making of structure between people of ordering at the time of the CIM introduction by a trial carrying out.
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